January 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Finally some sun!! It's so beautiful outside today! The kids have been outside playing this afternoon. I usually make them take a nap on Sunday afternoon, but it's so pretty, I didn't have the heart to make them come inside. I guess I should have, though. I discovered some wet kids outside a few minutes ago, courtesy of a garden hose!! What younguns won't get into sometimes!!! Oh, well. I was just as bad when I was little.
Sure hope tomorrow is as pretty as today!

January 20, 2011

Happy 30, Andrew!

Happy 30th Birthday, Andrew! Today is my sweet husband's birthday! I love, love, love him so, so, so  very, very, very much!!!!!!!!!

January 13, 2011


Wow! What a winter we are having!! Two big snows in two weeks! That is so unusual for us. I would love to post pics, but unfortunately, my camera is out of commission! Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Livi, hope you like my pictureless post. : ) I know, I really shouldn't let so much time go by without posting, but you know how life is sometimes. Busy, busy, busy. I thought things were getting back to normal, then it snowed again. I don't know how things go when it snows where you live, but around here almost everything shuts down! It sure is pretty, though.

My in-laws have moved back to NC. They have moved into an apartment just down the road from us. Still trying to get everything unpacked and setteled in its place. Having them close will sure take some of Andrew's worry away. Poor fellow! He is such a wonderful husband!

Welp, gotta go. I hope to have my camera in working order again soon!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a happy day!

December 2, 2010

Mark Lowry Christmas Poem

This is wonderful and so very true!!

Gaither Vocal Band - Christmas in the Country

November 29, 2010


Wow!! Thanksgiving is already gone and Christmas is soon to be here!!!! I am excited already, can you tell????? : ) I absolutely love Christmas!!!! My house is already decorated, except for maybe a few minor touches here and there as the mood strikes, of course. Most of my Christmas shopping is done! I can hardly believe it!
This is from Christmas '09, but I think it's too cute! Children is what makes Christmas to me. I sure do love my tiny elf and little reindeer!